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What if everyone got to go home on time? Including you.

As a small, family business owner in the Okanagan, I understand that your strength & focus is on serving your clients, not on the paperwork behind the scenes. My job is to set you up with solutions that let you focus on your job.

Aimee Ward, CPA, CGA

Small Business Owner.


  • In my 20 years as a CPA, I’ve worked with companies and organizations, of all sizes, at all stages.

  • I have recently shifted my focus to help business owners leverage technology to become more efficient. There is an app for everything! With the right tools, it is amazing how much more you can get accomplished.

  • Whether it's consulting with my clients, providing bookkeeping services, building reports, or working on process improvements, I am always focused on continually improving and looking for areas to streamline workflows in an effort to reduce costs and increase profits.

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